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Antonina Buban
Mob. 093-342-10-00

Inna Bidnichenko
Mob. 097-997-52-55

Mariya Tabenkova
Mob. 099-547-23-25

Konstantin Zamsha
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Ilona Starun
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Rudenko Oxana
моб. 050-911-15-56


Do the words Printing. Kyiv. Printing house raise your interest? Then you’ve come to the right place!!

Welcome to the website of ABRIS PRINT Integrated Solution Printing House which will help you examine the areas of our work, finished products and the wide range of services that we provide in the field of promotional print. WE PRINT EVERYTHING: FROM STICKERS TO CALENDARS!

ABRIS PRINT Printing House provides all kinds of printing services in compliance with printing rules and standards.

We manufacture promotional products at a low price focusing on customer’s requests and market needs. The availability of modern equipment (more than 30 machines) allowed us to reduce the price of color printing (Kyiv), manufacture of wobblers, folders, business cards... Therefore, ABRIS PRINT Printing House is in demand among people who need printing services in Kyiv.

Over 8 years of operation we have shown that digital printing, silk screen printing and offset printing can be cheap if they are performed by the professionals of ABRIS PRINT, a leading printing house in Kyiv (customer feedback is the best proof of that).

By placing an order for color printing, preparation of layouts or additional processing of print work, you will get minimum printing deadlines, low prices, excellent quality products and even more... You will get the best print work in Kyiv saving your time and money!

Despite its young age, ABRIS PRINT Printing House has confidently occupied its niche in the market producing high quality printing products, extended the list of its regular Customers and, most importantly, drew together the professional team of like-minded people, passionate about what they do.

The printing house is located at 4 Ivana Lepse Ave., Kyiv. Come to our office and we will offer you all kinds of printing services.

We grow and develop for you and together with you every day!