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Packages, Boxes

Our works:

No matter what modern companies produce, it must be packed for some reason or other. Cardboard packages are used to:

  • make products look presentable;
  • carry out reliable and comfortable transportation;
  • ensure the long life of your products.

Another function of the package is advertising, because the package is the most convenient carrier for placing advertising information about the product line of the company, as well as the features and benefits of the products.

ABRIS PRINT Printing House has all the opportunities for the manufacture of boxes and packages of any sizes. Orders are carried out quickly and qualitatively, which is confirmed by the feedback from customers and partners. Due to the use of high quality materials a packing box manufactured in ABRIS PRINT Printing House can withstand heavy loads and has high aesthetic characteristics.

A cardboard package contains textual and graphic information which contributes to increasing sales. ABRIS PRINT employees will offer you several classical options of manufacturing packages such as a candy box, a cover, a cardboard book package, a cardboard box package, a bottom and cover box.

You just need to choose the type and size of the product, provide the layout and place an order for package printing. We will fulfill your order quickly, with maximum quality and at reasonable prices. Fortunately, we have the equipment, technologies and vast experience at our disposal.

Printing of a cardboard package will take 2 to 3 days in case of medium run length. The delivery of products in Kyiv and Kyiv region is provided. There are significant discounts and special offers for the regular customers ordering promotional products or box printing.

Contact us if you need box and package printing! We guarantee you favorable conditions of cooperation. ABRIS PRINT has been working in the market of printing products for a long time and is a printing house number 1 in Kyiv and Kyiv region, having feedback from thousands of grateful customers.

Call +38 (044) 454-04-32 and order the manufacture of packages right now!

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